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mercredi 27 juin 2012

New reciprocity files for E6 films

New reciprocity files for Pinhole Assist : for E6 film. Data is taken from "Using the view Camera", by Steven Simmons. Download here.
Ektachrome, Fujichrome & Velvia, Agfachrome

12/11/2012 : link updated

samedi 16 juin 2012

Version 2.0.1 available

** Reviews : 
*** May 16, 2012 : "Pretty much the perfect app for pinhole", Gavin Lucas 
*** March 26, 2012 "Pinhole photography - Great app! This will make pinhole photography much simpler to do", Zone v 
*** November 28, 2011 "Great solution !! - Thank you for this Pinhole timing app. I have many different pinhole cameras and this will help me figure timing on all of them. Thank you !!Greg." 

Pinhole Assist" will be your companion to argentic pinhole and wet-plate collodion photography. The range of aperture and sensitivity (starting at 0.25 ISO) allows for wet-plate and slow processes as well as pinhole.

 • Compute exposure time;
• Use built-in exposition timer and bubble level for optimal shot
 • Measure light;
 • Enter your camera aperture from the predefined list or compute it;
 • Let the assistant automatically compensate for reciprocity of film (correction for long exposures, 16 different curves included), or use your own curves.
ISO settings go as low as .025 ISO, allowing wet-plates sensitivity.
• Save and restore presets : aperture, iso and reciprocity settings
Estimate light or measure it directly with the camera.

Many pinhole camera settings are already included : Zeroimage™, Diana™, Holga pinhole, Ilford/Harman Titan and many more ! 

In this version : 

• Previous versions overexposed by 1 IL. This is fixed. APEX system is used for computations.
• Reciprocity curve values now correctly displayed in detailed view.

jeudi 10 mai 2012

Version 2.0 is coming

Version 2.0 is coming. I expect it to be available on the store next week (Tuesday or Wednesday).


  • Redesigned interface : more compact, faster access to features. Only five screens: Exposure, Aperture, Film, Combo & Timer 
  • Incident Light Metering Mode now supported for front camera : enable it via the Application Settings 

Bug correction: 

  • timer bug (bells keeps ringing in sdome occasion) corrected 
  • the textfield in Film ASA chooser now does not react to tapping 
  • everal minor bugs fixed 

Arista EDU reciprocity chart


David Aymone produced three reciprocity charts for ARISTA EDU film : 100, 200 & 400 ASA. He sended me those files one month ago and (shame on me) I forgot them. You can download the files with this link.

jeudi 5 avril 2012

Reciprocity for Multigrade RCIV paper [update]

Here is a reciprocity curve for Multigrapde RCIV Paper. The formula comes from f/295 forums : The author (banana_legs ) uses this formula :
t_s = t_c + 0.0009 * (t_c ^2.2304)

I transcribed it for pinhole assist and you can download it with this link.

Thank to the contributor of the discussion here for their interest.

12/11/2012 : link updated

mercredi 4 avril 2012

Working on improvements...

 I just found this thread on f295, with lots of feedback on the app.

I noted
-1/3 step ISO,
- apertures up to 1024
- extra reciprocity curves for multigrade RC IV paper (However, I disagree with the values given 15 minutes leads to 84 minutes corrected - I keep firmly on the fact that below 30 min, there is almost no reciprocity for MG RC IV - I will nevertheless include that curve)

I am also working on the following :
-  combos: storing presets;
- a real way of managing /adding/removing reciprocity curves.

- next minor updates may have extra ISO and apertures + reciprocity curve on the web sites
- next major : combo
- later : management of reciprocity curves